Blower Doors & Whole House Mechanical Ventilation Seminar


This will provide an overview of the general logistics of completing a blower door test for typical residential construction projects to assist in scheduling and planning for this mandatory requirement. Beyond visual inspection, Section R402.4.1.2 of the 2015 IECC now requires testing and verification of the building’s air leakage rate to meet the mandatory 5 air changes per hour at 50 Pascals or less in Pennsylvania.  To meet this requirement a third party, approved, by their local code jurisdiction, must complete a blower door test and submit the air leakage results to the code official.


In this session, we will review the prescriptive requirements for mechanical ventilation, why mechanical ventilation is important, and some potential solutions for achieving this requirement. With the new requirement of adding whole house mechanical ventilation builders are now potentially facing something new.

Hosted by Carbon Builders Association

Tuesday, January 22*| 12 – 2pm

* In Case of inclement weather, registrants will be notified. 

Snow date: Jan. 24th | 12 – 2 pm


Carbon Career & Technical Institute
325 N. 13th Street. Jim Thorpe, PA 18229

Deadline to Register: 1/19/2019

Contact Deb Kleckner at 610-379-1099 or email for more info and to register.