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Partnering with Brokers to Win More Sales: If you are a builder or builder’s representative, you have an uphill road with many obstacles when it comes to working with brokers. Partnering with Brokers to Win More Sales is dedicated to educating builders and new home salespeople on how to work effectively with real estate brokers to increase new home sales.


Single Family Builder Compensation Study, 2017 Edition provides compensation and benefits data for 39 common positions at single-family home building companies. Builders can use results to benchmark what they pay their employees against the current industry average.


Social Media Marketing for Your Business shows you how to create a winning marketing plan by carefully setting goals, creating strategy, and targeting audiences. This book will help you take a long-term approach to building and maintaining an effective marketing strategy with social media as a main component.


1. Accounting & Financial Management for Residential Construction, 5th EditionAccounting and Financial Management for Residential Construction, Fifth Edition

by Emma Shinn

Take control of your finances with this solid resource for builders, remodelers, developers, and contractors that provides detailed information on how an accounting system operates and…

00266-Estimating-with-Microsoft-Excel-3rd-EditionEstimating with Microsoft® Excel, 3rd Edition by Jay Christofferson

Creating estimates just got a little easier as the author details how you can save money and time by using Microsoft® Excel 2007 to develop estimates that are reliable enough for your most important management decisions. You’ll learn essential skills for programming basic formulas to….

00300-Financial-ForecastingFinancial Forecasting in Microsoft® Excel by Jeffrey Kenneth Prager


In order to expand your business, you will need capital. This book takes your step-by-step through creating financial forecasts with Microsoft® Excel 2010 so you can assess project feasibility, fund company cash needs, determine financial feasibility…

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00234-Home-Builder-Contracts-and-Management-FormsHome Builder Contracts & Construction Management Forms, 2nd Edition by NAHB Business Management & Information Technology Nearly 100 of the most useful business forms and contracts for builders from successful builders across the country. Includes sales and marketing forms, contracts and agreements, trade contractor specifications and…  


Managing Your Business with 7 Key Numbers by Jeffrey Kenneth Prager and Scott Stroud

Many builders and contractors struggle to get a clear picture of where their business is at the moment and where it’s headed financially. This book will help you see where you stand every day, with every job, by monitoring just 7 Key Numbers that drive all profits and cash flow, including number of leads, sales conversion rate, and…



The Cost of Doing Business Study, 2016 Edition by National Association of Home BuildersProfits are increasing across the nation. Are yours?

NAHB’s economics and business management experts collected and analyzed financial statements for fiscal year 2014 from builders across the country…

Item #00234Member: $59.95 / Retail: $75.00 Item #00302Member: $31.95 / Retail: $35.95 Item #00308Members: $79.95 / Retail: $149.95
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00293-2012-Home-Builders-Jobsite-Codes2012 Home Builders’ Jobsite Codes by NAHB and ICC



A portable companion to the 2012 International Residential Code, this quick reference discusses the impact of 2012 code changes to ventilation requirements, wall construction, duct sealing, and other areas…



2015 Home Builders’ Jobsite Codes by NAHB & ICC

Answers to common code questions at your fingertips.

This handy jobsite tool will become as indispensable to you as your cell phone, tape measure, and level. This pocket-friendly companion to the International Residential Code discusses the impact of 2015 code changes to common walls separating townhouses, remodeling of an existing basement, and more…

2015 International Residential Code: For One-and-Two Family Dwellings by ICC


The 2015 International Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings (IRC) offers the most current and innovative set of regulations for residential construction. This comprehensive code compiles all building, plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas and electrical requirements for one- and two-family dwellings in one convenient code…

Item #00293Member: $21.95 / Retail: $19.95 Item #00305Member: $19.95 / Retail: $21.95 Item #01817Member: $110.00 / Retail: $122.00
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00265-Basic-Construction-Management (1)Basic Construction Management: The Superintendent’s Job, Fifth Edition by Leon Rogers

Learn the essentials of managing projects well and within budget, from scheduling and jobsite safety to quality and customer service in Basic Construction Management. This resource guides you step-by-step from construction planning through…


Residential Construction Performance Guidelines, Contractor Reference, Fifth Edition by NAHB

Deliver high-performance homes and protect your bottom line

Residential Construction Performance Guidelines is the most widely used recommendation by the home building and remodeling industry on how homes should perform during the warranty period…



Residential Construction Performance Guidelines, Consumer Reference, Fifth Edition by NAHB

The Consumer Reference makes it easy to provide a copy of the guidelines to every customer. Sold in affordable packs of 10, this reference is a great addition to your warranty claims process and…

Item #00265Member: $39.95 / Retail: $44.95 Item #00306Member: $44.95 / Retail: $39.95 Item #00307Member: $59.95 / Retail: $69.95
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00252-Beyond-WarrantyBeyond Warranty: Building Your Referral Business by Carol Smith

Whether your goal is to establish first-class warranty service or to go beyond warranty service with maintenance menus, educational programs, and social events, this book will teach you how to

· Align buyer’s expectations with the service they receive

· Create a limited warranty document

00295-Home-Maintenance-Made-EasyHome Maintenance Made Easy: What To Do, When To Do It, When To Call For Help by NAHB

This is the ideal resource that home owners will really appreciate. It’s perfect for you to give to your customers. Homeowners get pages and pages of tips on maintenance to keep their new home performing at its peak. Home Maintenance Made Easy provides a sensible approach to regular home maintenance and great tips from the experts…

00239-Your-New-Home-&-HowToTake-Care-of-ItYour New Home And How To Take Care Of It by NAHB

Give your customers invaluable, well-presented tips on maintenance to help keep their homes performing like new. Includes useful checklists and a detailed log for home maintenance—the key to on going home owner satisfaction and critically important to your warranty program. Guaranteed to be one of the most welcomed handouts at closing. Sold in packs of 10.

Item #00252Member: $39.95 / Retail: $44.95 Item #00295Member: $17.95 / Retail: $19.95 Item #00239Member: $35.95 / Retail: $35.95
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00304_What-Green-MeansWhat Green Means To Home Buyers: Perceptions & Preferences by NAHB

What home and community features influence consumers when they are considering buying a home? Energy efficient or high efficiency: Which description resonates more with home buyers?

Typical home buyers often don’t understand the language building professionals use to…

00290-Green-Buidling-StrategiesGreen Building Strategies: From Plan to Profit by Jeannie Leggett Sikora

A concise guide, this book shows you how to build high-performance energy-efficient green homes. Green Building Strategies takes you step-by-step from design through site development and construction, quality assurance, marketing, and customer service. It provides the information you need to systematically create green projects with a price tag both you and your buyers can accept. URLs for essential online green building resources are included…

00310-2015_Nat'l_Grn_Bld_Standard (1)ICC/ASHRAE 700-2015 National Green Building Standard by ICC, ASHRAE, & NAHB

A collaborative effort between the ICC, ASHRAE and NAHB, NGBS outlines a variety of green practices that can be incorporated into new homes and multifamily buildings as well as hotels, dormitories and land development.…. 



Item #00304Member: $79.95 / Retail: $115.95 Item #00290Member: 29.95 / Retail: $33.95 Item #00310Member: $17.95 / Retail: $19.95
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How To Find A Professional Remodeler by NAHB Remodelers


Sold in packs of 25…This glossy, 4-color brochure promotes the professionalism of your remodeling business by offering a wealth of valuable advice to customers on the process of selecting a remodeler. The brochure guides consumers from the dream of remodeling their homes to…


00271-Paper-TrailThe Paper Trail: Systems and Forms for a Well-Run Remodeling Company, Second Edition by William Asdal and Wendy Jordan


This book shows you how to use proven management systems to run a successful remodeling company. An included CD contains90+ essential forms and documents that you can customize to suit your business needs. The documents cover critical areas such as estimating, production, customer communication…

00253-Warranties-for-Builders-and-RemodelersWarranties for Builders and Remodelers, 2nd Edition by David Crump, Jr., David S. Jaffee, & Felicia Watson


Profit from the legal wisdom of the National Association of Home Builders staff attorneys! The authors provide new information about warranties based on research for NAHB members on hundreds of warranty issues. The second edition of Warranties for Builders and Remodelers helps inform and…

Item #00272Member: $17.95 / Retail: $19.95 Item #00271Member: $35.95 / Retail: $39.95 Item #00253Member: $26.95 / Retail: $29.95
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Category: SAFETY


00250-Home-Builders-Safety-ProgramHome Builders’ Safety Program by NAHB Labor, Safety, & Health Services

Safety is the soundest investment you can make in your home building business. Use this practical guide to understand how to develop and implement a total loss-control safety program. In addition to the clear presentation of OSHA standards, this invaluable resource-

• Provides an overview of jobsite safety and…

00292-Jobsite-Safety-HandbookJobsite Safety Handbook, Third Edition by NAHB Labor, Safety & Health Services

This easy-to-use handbook contains the complete English and Spanish text side-by-side to facilitate straightforward communication. It provides an overview of the key safety issues residential builders and workers need to focus on to reduce accidents and injuries. The third edition includes updated information on fall protection….


00168-Scaffold-Safety-HandbookNAHB Scaffold Safety Handbook, English-Spanish by NAHB Labor, Safety, & Health Services

Scaffold-related accidents result in injuries and deaths and continue to occur despite updated standards from OSHA. Make sure your employees are safe and comply with these standards by providing this illustrated English-Spanish handbook. Includes clear explanations and…



Item #00250Member: $19.95 / Retail: $21.95 Item #00292Member: $11.00 / Retail: $12.50 Item #00168Member: $11.00 / Retail: $12.50
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Internet Marketing: The Key to Increased Home Sales by Mitch Levinson, MIRM, CSP


Learn the essentials of Internet marketing from industry expert Mitch Levinson. His book explains step-by-step how to get more quality website traffic, convert it to sales center visits, and provide the right information to home buyers online. This informative resource includes strategies for how to compete online and…




Sales & Marketing Checklists for Profit-Driven Home Builders, 3rd Edition by Jan Mitchell


This popular book covers the major steps involved in successful new home sales. Learn the ins and outs of the comprehensive contract, the move-in, warranty service, referrals, and a great close. Sales & Marketing Checklists includes a new chapter on using social media in your marketing, a more extensive chapter on multicultural sales, and online access to all checklists included in the book…

00296-Social-Media-3.0Social Media 3.0: It’s Easier Than You Think by Carol L. Morgan, CAPS, CSP, MIRM


This in-depth thorough resource helps you construct a comprehensive long-term social media strategy on any budget. The updated edition includes even more practical ideas, offers more examples from real businesses, and shows you how to work smarter, not harder, by using social media…

Item #00287Member: $17.95 / Retail: $19.95 Item #00297Member: $19.95 / Retail: $17.95 Item #00296Member: $17.95 / Retail: $19.95
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