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Affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders and a network of 36 local associations throughout the state, PBA is the unified voice for the home building industry and the housing consumer. PBA serves our membersship by providing proactive leadership on state regulatory and legislative issues.  PBA proudly offer a variety services to our local associations that enhance the professionalism of our members.



PBA offers these Benefits to its members:

Free PA One Call (save $125)

Member Rebate Program (cash back)

Keystone Builder Magazine

FREE UCC expert consultation

Bi-Weekly TradeSecret Updates

Government Affairs Experts (protect industry)

Opportunities for PBA Councils:

Developers’ Council

Associates’ Council

Women’s Council

Builder Services Inc. (PBA service arm)

Property & Casualty Insurance

Workers Comp  

Comfort Homes Program

Pennsylvania Builders Association Website ( access:

Issues Forum

PBA Mall

UCC Q & A Page

Model Building Contract

Housing Statistics

• Free PA One Call – PBA covers the $125 cost per year for PA One Call.  Simply fax your invoice to the YBA office and it will be paid.
• Energy Plus Electricity Cash Back Program
• Builder Rebate Program
• PSECU Credit Union Membership
• Health Insurance
• Workers Compensation Program

How PBA’s Workers Comp Can Work for You (VIDEO)

 For years, smaller contractors have had a tough time finding competitively priced workers compensation. One reason for this is because when a knee injury could easily cost $20,000 and you have the purchasing power of only $1,000 a year, it’s easy to see why insurance companies can be reluctant to write at that potential loss ratio. This is where PBA Workers’ Compensation comes in.

The program aggregates the buying power of all of its members. Today, the programs boasts over $9,000,000 in group purchasing power which stabilizes costs for its members.

For a video overview of the program, please click here.

This recorded webinar covers:
· History of the Program
· The Program Partners
· Underwriting Information
· Program Benefits
· How to Receive a Quote

To learn more about PBA Workers’ Compensation Program, please visit the Program Administrator, McConkey Insurance & Benefits’ website: